Be on top of Perch to know
when one might show up near you.


Want Perch in your hood?


Not just a residence, but a community.

Our goal is to make co-inhabitants into neighbors via a mix of tools
& well thought out communal spaces to foster community.



A curated list of companies
delivering services at a discount to you,
just for being a tenant of Perch.

  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Home Services
  • Laundry
  • Fitness
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • …and more!
  • Typical Buildings

    • 39% Accounts for 39% of U.S. carbon emissions
    • 70% Accounts for 70% of electricity load in the U.S.
  • Perch Buildings

    • 90% Less Carbon Emissions
    • 80% Less Energy Consumption


How we’re doing it

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    Low-impact living

    Our buildings are constructed based on the most advanced building science technologies. It requires radically less energy to run.

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    Sound & Smell Resistant

    Sharing walls with your neighbor shouldn’t infringe on your right to peaceful living.

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    Smart Technology

    Control, automate, and effortlessly connect to devices that matter most to you - Jetsons style.

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    Healthy Air & Comfort

    Your apartment is equipped with a balanced ventilation system. Perfect humidity and clean fresh air.

And so much more.



Simple urban living, really.

This isn’t about building luxury apartments or polishing off another high-end “standard” of living. This is about a revolution in the way we interact with our space and how we manage our daily lives. It’s about 80-90% less energy consumption while still maintaining the amenities of 21st century living.


Hey, Perch here.

We’ve redesigned urban living from the ground-up for smarter, happier living.

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